I had a dream that I saved you.

I had a dream that I saved you.⁣

You were still a baby, no more than two, and were about to tumble off a steep ledge. I grabbed you as you fell, wrapped you in my arms in midair, and we flipped head first over the ledge.⁣

By some dream magic, I landed far below on my back, you wrapped tightly in my arms against my chest, and we were both fine. You were wearing a bright blue shirt that you actually owned — why my mind remembers a shirt from twenty-four years ago, who knows.

You let me hold you for some time.⁣

I didn’t understand what the dream meant at first, but I didn’t have to think about it long. ⁣

You died of a horrible fall. Head first. ⁣

You being two represents you being too young. (Most would agree that twenty-six is way too young.)⁣

And if I could have caught you in midair, I would have — I would have flipped over any ledge for you. But I wasn’t there. I was oblivious, ten miles away.⁣

When I woke up, I could still feel the weight of you in my arms. ⁣


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